Extending the mdTranslator

New readers and writers can be added with without impacting the base mdTranslator code. And care should always be taken to construct new readers and writers in a way that will not interfere with existing readers, writers, and base modules. Following the guidelines in this section will lead to developing new code that will have minimal impact on the existing code and application structure.

A developer of a new reader or writer should working knowledge of the following products:

  • Ruby programming language 2.5.1 or higher

  • an understanding of the architecture of mdTranslator's base code

  • HTML

  • JSON structure

  • GeoJSON format for geographic objects

  • mdTranslator internal object format

  • Ruby minitest

  • Git and GitHub

  • have a suitable IDE

  • Ruby 'builder' GEM for XML writers

  • Nokogiri XPath for XML readers and writers

  • XSD and XMLSpy or equivalent for XML readers and writers

  • Ruby builder for XML writers

  • jBuilder for JSON writers

  • JSON Schema for JSON readers

  • markdown

  • and, of course, a solid understanding of the reader or writer standard being added to mdTranslator.

New development should always be done in a remote branch of mdTranslator. So start by forking the adiwg/mdTranslator repo.

Fork the Reposotory - covers creating a personal copy fo the mdTranslator code library for your personal use or to develop new extensions, readers, and/or writers to share with the community.

Contribute - covers the steps for sharing new or improved code with the ADIwg Metadata Tools community.

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