Creating Static Codelists


  1. Create YAML file of your codelist in mdCodes format.
  2. Place the YAML file in the mdCodes > resources directory.
  3. Rebuild and install the mdCodes Rubygem.

mdCodes YAML file format


Items in static codelist:

  • codelistType String (Required): for static codelists this must be "staticList"
  • codelistName String (Required): name you assign to the codelist. This will also be the file name of the YAMLfile (e.g., codelistname.yml).
  • source String: name of the primary organization to established the codelist codes, codenames, and definitions.
  • sourceName String: name the source organization has assigned to the codelist.
  • extensible Boolean: can the codelist be extended? (i.e., can new items be added to the codelist or items be removed?)
  • description String: definition for the codelist.
  • codelist Array (Required): codelist items
    • code String (Required): code or value for the item. Usually hidden from display.
    • codeName String (Required): name for the item. Usually displayed to the user through dropdown or other selection control.
    • description String (Required): definition of the item
# comments

codelistType: "staticList"
codelistName: <<codelist name>>
source: <<organization that manages the codelist>>
sourceName: <<name the source has given to the codelist>>
extensible: <<can the code list be extended? true|false>>
description: <<description>>
  - {code: <<id>>, codeName: <<name>>, description: <<description>>}
  - {code: <<id>>, codeName: <<name>>, description: <<description>>}


# mdJson codelists
# base codelist for ISO 19115-2, 19115-1
# extended for ADIwg

codelistType: "staticList"
codelistName: "iso_associationType"
source: "ISO"
sourceName: "DS_AssociationTypeCode"
extensible: true
description: "justification for the correlation of two resources (datasets or projects)"
  - {code: "001", codeName: crossReference, description: "reference from one resource (dataset or project) to another"}
  - {code: "002", codeName: largerWorkCitation, description: "reference to a master resource (dataset or project) of which this one is a part"}

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